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From London with Love 

What would you do if you had a one-night stand which resulted in the most amazing sex of your life? You’d want more, right? That’s what Angela wants, too, but unfortunately, the next morning she must return to University in Australia. So, she leaves Brad a note, hoping he’d contact her. But he never does. What a jerk.
Five years later, having finished her degree, Angela plans to celebrate with her friends at their favourite drinking spot. However, when she enters, she’s shocked to see Brad sitting at the bar. Summoning all of her courage, she says hello, and, in an instant, the spark between them rekindles. Problem is, this time, Brad's only in Australia one more day.
Spending what little time remains together, Angela can’t deny that he’s the only one for her. And with time running out, she realizes she must tell him the truth of her heart. Will fate let them find a way to be together forever, or are they always destined to part ways?
Not What He Thought (Castle Wolves 3) 
(Shapeshifter M/M Erotic Romance)

Masen Taylor is Beta of the Castle Wolves pack. Most people would describe him as a skirt chasing manwhore but in reality it had been years since he found any kind of satisfaction with a woman. Like his Alpha was, he is lonely and wants desperately to meet his mate. After seeing his Alpha find love and happiness through Madame Eve he decides to give it a try. He gives Madame eve just one instruction find him his soul mate. The moment he walks into the room, he catches his dates scent and knows instantly they are his mate. When he sees the person though he is shocked there has to be some mistake.

Sebastian Cooke has always known he was Gay but growing up in the wilds of Alaska, he has always found it hard to truly be himself. After his friend and fellow pilot, Kate, suggests he give 1NS a try he figures he has nothing left to lose. The last person he is expecting to show up in his hotel room is skirt chasing manwhore Masen Taylor beta of the castle wolf pack.

Can two men get over the preconceived notion of who each other is to find the love they have been desperately looking for.


What She Needs (Castle Wolves 2) 
(Shapeshifter Erotic Romance)

Elizabeth Summers is sick of being the baby sister of Garth the pack Alpha. Her brother with the help of his best friends has taken it upon himself to scare off every guy who has ever shown any interest in her. Sick of his overbearing ways, and with a little nudge from her sister in law, she decides to seek Madame Eve’s help to give her one night of pure pleasure. The kind she is always reading about in her romance novels.

Ernest (Brute) Chalmers is Castle Wolves pack enforcer and best friend of Garth Summers. Out of respect for his friend, he has kept his feelings for his sister a secret. But when he over hears Lizzie and Maddy talking about Lizzie signing up for a one night stand with Madame Eve he decides if he doesn’t make his move he might miss out on his chance to be with the only woman he has ever truly desired.


No Such Thing as Can't (Castle Wolves 1)

(Shapeshifter Erotic Romance)

Madeline Majors is a thirty five year old woman who after a string of failed relationships decides to turn to Madame Evangeline as her last resort. See all of her relationships failed for one reason her obsession with having a child and her inability to conceive even though a multitude of doctors have said there is nothing medically wrong with her.

Garth Summers is a shapeshifter with a problem. As Alpha of his pack, he must have an heir by the time he is fifty years of age or a new alpha is chosen from the eligible males in the pack. The problem is as a wolf shifter he can only conceive children with his mate who he has yet to find. With six weeks until his fiftieth birthday, he turns to Madame Eve for help. 

Can a one-night stand bring two people the one thing they most desperately want, or will the reality of what they are send them both running.

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Matronly Duties (Post-apocalyptic Dystopian Romance) 

Hundreds of years after an asteroid slammed into Earth and sent it into a new ice age, what remains of the human race lives on in underground sanctuaries. Now, as the bi-centennial anniversary of the impact approaches, a new leader prepares to take her place at the head of the government. At least, that’s what she thinks.

Bethanie Greene’s life has been planned out for her since the age of thirteen. Beautiful and intelligent, she’s spent the last twelve years training to become the next Matron of the underground nation of Oceania. But when Bethanie is kidnapped by rogue extremists just six weeks shy of taking office, her world is turned upside down by the handsome stranger who rescues her.

Howard James’ life has been the polar opposite of Bethanie’s. Struggling to survive in a world where those in power wished he didn’t exist, he harbors a deep-seated resentment of the government and all its representatives. Together with his unconventional family, however, he shows Bethanie a life she never knew was possible, while at the same time opening her eyes to the injustices of the government she is meant to lead.

But can she trust a stranger? And can a few days change everything she believes and desires? Against all odds, Bethanie must decide if her heart and her duties can coexist. 

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Learning Curve (Contemporary Erotic Romance)

Sequel to Curve My Appetite

Madame Eve may have helped them find one another. But meshing their two worlds together isn’t as easy.
When Dean is nominated for an Emmy he is so excited he invites Sally to be his date for the evening.
Sally is reluctant at first but eventually agrees. She is petrified the world media will make fun of her for being the fat chick on Dean’s arm. And works her butt off to try and lose weight before the big event.
Can Dean and Sally learn to make life together work? Or will the reality of the differences in their lives be too hard to overcome.

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Box of 1Night Stands (Box set)

By popular request, Decadent Publishing takes great pride in presenting a second volume of some of our favorite stories from award winning authors in our 1Night Stand Series.

Enjoy stories from the military romance of the fabulous Heather Long to the oh-so-sexy shifters of Rebecca Royce and USA Today Bestselling Author Mina Carter and the steamy, heartwarming romance of NYT Bestselling Author Sabrina York…. Travel to the Regency Era, Ancient Egypt, snowy Alaska at Christmastime, even outer space. Madame Eve always promises the customers of her unique matchmaking service one night of passion but, somehow, always gives them so much more.

Let a 1Night Stand – or 17 – change your life. We dare you.


Fierce by Sabrina York
When her best friend sets her up on a blind date--for sex--Katie is determined to resist...until she sets eyes on Sebastian, the most irresistible man she's ever met.
Melody’s Wolf by Mina Carter
Money, fame, looks—rock star and werewolf Aaron Rixx has it all, except the one thing that truly He never anticipates Madame Eve might find the one woman on the planet who doesn't recognise him on sight.

The Marquis and the Mistress by Dominique Eastwick
Take one heartbroken Earl, a mistress with a secret, and 1Night Stand date. Result: one hell of a spicy reunion.

Sweet Irish Kiss by JoAnne Kenrick
1Night Stand dating service shakes and stirs things up for Bell's Irish Pub and makes a match seemingly made in heaven for divorced workaholic Shaun Bell...until morning rolls around and he can't bring himself to say good-bye. Can he win her over with his secret weapon, a Sweet Irish Kiss, or is Rachel still too scared to love?

A Dance with Death by Louisa Bacio
A dance between life and death…
When an accident threatens to cancel the evening of romance, Isabella and Raul will have to dance to a new beat.

The Two and the Proud by Heather Long
Thrown together by chance on a 1Night Stand, Rowdy and Kim have a combusible chemistry, but do these two jarheads have what it takes?

Two Men and a Virgin by Kate Richards
Friends to lovers on a 1Night Stand in Castle Alaska. Andi's taking a chance her two best friends can become the men in her life.

Pharaoh, Mine by Kerry Adrienne
A lonely veterinarian gets a little help from Madame Eve to seek comfort and possibility in the arms of a young pharaoh. Can a 1NS in Ancient Egypt be the answers they've both been seeking?

A Different Class by Leigh Ellwood
Glenn is mired in the past, while Rod prefers to forget it. 1Night Stand sets up these two former classmates on a reunion neither will soon forget.

A Hard Day’s Knight by Cate Masters
Tired of running from a witch’s curse, Lance wants the one thing he can’t have with Gwen: time. Can a 1Night Stand change their fates?

Curve My Appetite by Melissa Kendall
A curvy woman and the man of her dreams. Can Sally go through with her one night stand when she discovers who it is she has been set up with or is she doomed to spend the rest of her life alone?

Celestial Seduction by Jessica E. Subject
Scarred after her divorce, Carrie applies to 1Night Stand to experience an evening of pleasure, something long forgotten. But, can one night with an alien lead to forever love?

Unsportsmanlike Conduct by Angela S. Stone
Owen is so far in the closet that even the dust bunnies don't know he's there, but when his teammates unknowingly set him up with sexy cop Addison for a 1Night stand, can he take his shot at love, or will he let the best thing that ever happened to him walk away?

Accidentally Beautiful by Deanna Wadsworth
1Night Stand concierge Martin just met a sexy Dom during his tropical vacation, but is their erotic encounter really an accident? Or did Madame Eve plan the perfect night for this sub without him ever knowing?

This Endris Night by D.L. Jackson
Gunner is in Alaska to recover the wreckage of a century old crash before the existence of his world is uncovered. He finds more than he bargained for when he comes face to face with Shiya, a Yupik supermodel, who has a secret of her own—one that might get them both killed.

Believe in Me by Rebecca Royce
Werewolf Jack knows his mate his human, and Madame Eve is the perfect person to find her for him. Now, if he can only convince the little human that Werewolf's are real and he can save her from her abusive ex husband.

Ravished Before Sunrise by Lia Davis
Vampire Darian Wyman is surprised when his daughter signs him up for a one-night stand. However, one night of adventure turns into so much more than he dreamed.

Don't Ask, Don't Tell (M/M Contemporary Erotic Romance)

Sargent Jason Holt and his boyfriend Sargent Patrick Wentworth have been in a secret relationship for almost ten years. When the daily paper brings news of the repeal of the military's ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ policy will they finally be able to be out and proud.

Curve My Appetite (Contemporary Erotic Romance 1NS)

Sally Austens is a plus size woman whose sexual experience is limited to a one time thing in college, which turned out to be the worst experience of her life. Now as she turns thirty and it is looking increasingly like the relationship train missed her stop. A friend tells her about Madame Evangeline and suggests that she try it because it might just change her life. 
Dean Martorino lives his life in the public eye. Though, he is surrounded on a daily basis by what society claims to be stunningly beautiful women. What he really longs for is a woman with some meat on her bones and plentiful curves he can get lost in. When his long-time friend and manager suggests Madame Eve’s he hopes that all his dreams will come true. 
Can Sally go through with her one night stand when she discovers who it is she has been set up with or is she doomed to spend the rest of her life alone.

She Devil

Constance is a Vampire with a heavy appetite, who works as a stripper to find her meals. She is wanton, luscious and wicked—she craves more than just blood.

Benjamin and Jonathon are vampire outcasts who exist by pretending to be as human as possible in order to remain hidden among humanity. When the town they live in starts to report that men are disappearing? They go on the hunt for the Vampire intruder.

Little do they know, the Intruder is one sexy-delicious Vamp. Connie will offer them more than just a hunt… she will pull them into a tryst of sensual heat and naughty thrills.