Works In Progress

On The Run (Boys of Blackrock Book 1) (Sweet Contemporary Romance)

Eight and a half months pregnant and on the Run from her abusive alcoholic husband. Abigail Crawford finds refuge in Blackrock Montana and the local Baptist Church. When unexpectedly she goes into labour early.  Abby meets Reverend Mike.With the support of Mike and the towns people Abby gets back on her feet, but just when she thinks she has finally put her past behind her. Her husband shows up in town intent on reclaiming what is his.

Crossing Paths (M/M Contemporary Erotic Romance)

On the night of what would have been his fifteenth wedding anniversary, Richard Burns decides it is finally time to face facts. He has suspected for some time that his sexual proclivities leant more to the male than the female. With his mind made up, he heads to the next town over to visit a gay club and see whether what he suspects is true. When he runs into a long-time friend there, his world is turned upside down and he’s not sure it will ever be the same.

Just a Tic (Contemporary Romance)

Mason is a twenty nine year old man with Tourette’s and has sequestered himself away from the world because it’s just easier than having to fight. A chance encounter with a gorgeous redhead at the local grocery store sets him on a path to discovering that life can be more if you just say fuck it.

Future works:
Boys of Blackrock Book 2 - Least Expected. (Marcus's Story)
Boys of Blackrock Book 3 - Coming Home (Josh's Story)
Boys of Blackrock Book 4 - Not Alone Anymore (Frank's Story)
Boys of Blackrock Book 5 - Double Trouble (Brendan & Peter's Story)
Whips and Chains Excite me (BDSM)
Six Wild Boomers (M/M/M/M/M/M/F Shifter Erotic Romance)
Two's Company Three's a Family. (M/F/M Poly Contemporary Romance)
Making it on their own series (Marshall Sisters 3 books)
Unexpected Forever Series (4 Books)
Birth of a Herald Paranormal Romantic Suspense.